How to make a meme | Free & Best way 2021

Here is The easiest way on how to make a meme viral & some tips to make your meme more hilarious and funny with all the related apps and websites .

how to make a meme
how to make a meme
  1. Find a suitable template .
  2. Find a funny caption
  3. Add caption to your template
  4. Edit your meme a little bit
  5. Post it.

1. How to find a suitable template ?

Rules for finding a good template :-

giant vs small bodybuilder giga chad meme
giant vs small bodybuilder giga chad meme
  1. Template should be popular
  2. Template should be unique
  3. Text on template should be clearly visible
  4. Template should match the caption
  5. Little editing on template is always good

Where to find a good template ?

1. Meme template websites :-

Some of the best websites for meme templates

2. Meme templates app :-

Top 5 apps for meme templates :-

2. How to find a funny caption ?

How to find a funny caption

Rules :-

  1. find a caption that suits on the template
  2. make the caption short
  3. Caption should not be common it should be unique
  4. avoid using common words like when etc
  5. It would be better if you use some local words
  6. Never use a emoji in caption

3. How to add a caption to template ?

  • Simple way – Download a meme maker app like meme house or meme generator and edit your meme there
  • Alternate way – Go on twitter and upload your caption and template as tweet & screenshot it
Meme made in an app
A twitter screenshot meme

4. How to edit your meme ?

If you are making a meme on a celebrity than just add their face on template by the help of picsart or photoshop.

Now Post your meme on social media with suitable hashtags to get more reach

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