Best Indian Memes – Latest & Funny memes 2021

Memes is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.

Memes are becoming popular day by day . They are the new time pass of internet consumer .
There are literally thousand types of memes Be it .

Here are some of the most popular meme categories –
  • Savage Memes
  • Dank Memes
  • Dark Memes
  • Puns
  • Parody Meme
  • Wholesome Memes
  • Doge Memes
  • Nostalgic Memes
  • Relatable Memes

Well some of the memes are funny and some are relatable .

Most Popular platform for memes –

  • Twitter – well if you want to see some original and latest memes on trending topics then twitter is the first place to go . It is easy to use and we all know about twitter memes – They are some of the most funniest memes .
  • Reddit – One of the most oldest platform but yet active . Meme community on reddit is far better then any other meme community . Reddit has algorithm that suits memes . Reddit is said to be the trend maker in meme community .
  • Instagram – another interesting platform for consuming memes is Instagram specially video memes , although Instagram is full of copied content . But it is also true that most of the people uses Instagram for memes .
  • Facebook – Well it is the platform where things started took off . The platform where people started giving some importance to memes .
  • Pinterest – Well this might be surprising but Pinterest is now also an good choice for reading memes if you want to avoid having conversation . This might be best platform for you .
  • Quora – I know this may sound a bit weird but Quora also has an active meme community . It has a lot of pages over 100k followers .
  • 9Gag – This platform is specifically made for meme lovers . If you want to see some good quality content without much conversation . Then you can join them .
  • Memechat – It is one of the most fastest growing platform in India. It has over 5 million daily active users . If you are a fan of Indian memes . Then you can give it a try .

Best Memes 2021 | Latest Funniest Memes –

Corona virus (covid) meme –

Avenger memes crossover –

Savage Meme featuring Ranveer and Deepika –

Hera Pheri memes and ambani cross over –

Tvf Aspirants meme –

Savage Avenger meme –

18+ Meme – A covid meme –

Srk and Iron man crossover –

Dark yet true

Shikhar Dhawan and doge crossover

Ipl meme –